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The Paris Aligned Investment Initiative is a collaborative investor-led global forum enabling investors to align their portfolios and activities to the goals of the Paris Agreement. 

The Paris Aligned Investment Initiative (PAII) was established in May 2019 by the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC). As of March 2021, the initiative has grown into a global collaboration supported by four regional investor networks – AIGCC (Asia), Ceres (North America), IIGCC (Europe) and IGCC (Australasia).

118 investors representing $34 trillion in assets have engaged in the development of the Net Zero Investment Framework through the Paris Aligned Investment Initiative.

The Paris Aligned Investment Initiative is now collaborating with the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF).

The Paris Aligned Investment Initiative is proud to be a formal partner of the UNFCCC’s Race to Zero Campaign.


The Paris Aligned Investment Initiative enables investors across the globe in supporting a net zero and resilient future.

The international investor-led forum has four key areas of focus:

  • Driving net zero investing commitments – by asset managers through the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative and by asset owners through the PAII Net Zero Asset Owner Commitment. 
  • Providing oversight of Paris Aligned Asset Owners’ disclosures and reporting. 
  • Collaborating globally as the forum for AIGCC, Ceres, IGCC, IIGCC and the investment community to update, identify or develop and further practical methodologies and approaches to enable Paris aligned investing to be included in the PAII’s Net Zero Investment Framework, or supplementary guidance documents. 
  • Supporting investors to implement commitments, using the Net Zero Investment Framework. 

For more information on PAII Governance please click here.


Net Zero Investment Framework

This is the full version of the Framework. See here for a direct download.

PAII Asset Owner Commitment

See here for the Paris Aligned Investment Initiative Net Zero Asset Owner Commitment

Paris Aligned Asset Owners: Initial target disclosures (November 2022 update)

Paris Aligned Asset Owners: first Progress Report (November 2022)

Explores the progress that Paris Aligned Asset Owners signatories have made since the first asset owner net zero commitments were announced in 2021.

Supporting presentation

This slide deck helps provide an overview of PAII and detail behind the Net Zero Investment Framework.

Portfolio testing report

See the accompanying portfolio testing report here produced in partnership with planetrics and vivideconomics.

Portfolio Climate Risk Management Case Studies

Case studies on evolving best practices

PAII & NZIF backgrounder

Paris Aligned Asset Owners: Initial target disclosures (June 2022 update)

PAII governance structure

PAII Governance design